Top 5 apps for cat owners

Here you can find the best applications that will help you raise your cute pets. You can download these 10 applications to your smartphone for free. You will build a better relationship with your pet every day and it will make it easier for your cat to grow up and be raised.

5. Cat Snaps - Photo Selfies for Cats

Cat Snaps puts taking photos of your cat into your cats paws. Let your cat play a simple game and when your cat taps the screen, Cat Snaps will take a fun and unique photograph of your cat.

Keep your cat entertained with different targets such as lasers, mice and insects. Complete with gallery and social media tools, the world of cat selfies is now fun and easy. This app is must have for all Cat Owners!

4. Cat Breed Identifier : Kitten Cat, Pet Cat Scanner

Do you see a cat, but do not know its breed?
Take a picture and discover! Cat Breed Identifier: Kitten Cat, Pet Cat Scanner will automatically detect it for you with all features. Learn all the characteristics of your pet with the best cat scanner app. Search beautiful cats with cat breed identifier app.

Do you have a mixed race?
No problem, we’ll tell you which Cat breeds were mixed!

Learn about the many species of pet cat breed identifier in the world that can be fun and enlightening. With this pet Cat Breed identifier / Kitten Cat scanner app you have an easy way to relate to the many types of cats that have been bred over the centuries.Just open Cat scanner app and point the camera in front of your Cat, and the app will tell you immediately pretty accurate results of the breed of each animal.

3. MeowTalk

Each cat has their own unique vocabulary that they use to communicate with their owners consistently when in the same context. For example, a cat can have their own distinct meow for “food” or for “let me out.” This is not necessarily a language, as cats do not share the same meows to communicate the same things with each other, but we can use Machine Learning to interpret an individual cat’s meows and translate that into a human readable language. MeowTalk by Akvelon gives your cat a voice!

2. Game for cats!

If you love your cat and you want to play with the kitty use moving point looking like a laser for cats! It’s an entertaining app which shows the laser pointer on the phone screen. It’s moving quickly, so your cat will try to catch it. You can choose the speed, size and type of the moving point.

Play and take care of the condition of the animal by using a laser simulator for cats. Main features of the game for kitty:
– customizable laser point showing on the screen (size, speed, image),
– the best entertainment for your little tiger,
– realistic movement of laser,
– downloadable for free!

1. VitusVet: Pet Health Care App

When it comes to managing your pet’s health, it’s important to stay informed and organized. The VitusVet™ App makes keeping track of your pet’s health a breeze by putting all of their necessary information in one place. It’s a great tool for anyone with a single pet, multiple pets, anyone who travels with pets, and those with multiple pet care providers including veterinarians, groomers, walkers, sitters, and more.

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