Foldable Smartphones

Before, people could only fantasize about foldable smartphones. However, in 2018, a company called ‘Royale’ introduced the first foldable smartphone called ‘Royale FlexPai’. In the world of smartphones, this was a great improvement, but the design wasn’t good  and was uncomfortable to hold.The price of the Royal FlexPai was about $ 1300. In 2018 Samsung also released their profile picture in folded form and after 24h they removed it, that kind of move was clever marketing and trolling at the same time.After that on November 7th, 2018 Samsung announced their first foldable smartphone on September 9,2019, Samsung released their first foldable smartphone called ‘Samsung Galaxy Fold’. However, after his release, people around the world started complaining about cracking of the screen, this problem was also experienced by many YouTubers for example: Marques Brownlee, Mark Gurman, The Verge and so on. When you buy an ordinary smartphone there is a screen protector that can be removed, but when you buy a Samsung Galaxy Fold that screen protector must not be removed because that screen protector is actually part of the screen, also nowhere did it say that it should not be taken off.On March 5,2020 Huawei released his first foldable smartphone called ‘Huawei Mate XS’. This smartphone had no problem the only problem is outer screen,no google services and his high price of 2000$.

On February 14, 2020 Samsung released his first clamshell foldable smartphone. Clamshell foldables are less common than foldables like the Galaxy Z Fold 2: instead of unfolding to reveal a tablet-sized screen, they unfold to show… an inner display the same size as a regular phone’s screen, the problem with this phone is the battery(duration). In the near future we expect foldable smarthpone with more durable display,improved hinge, more brands will produce a foldable smartphones.

-Does the device make sense to me?


Is the device innovative?


-Does the device provide a special experience of use?


– Is the device much more useful than the phone

-Not really

From the previous questions we can conclude the following:

Foldable devices are made just to make something new in the world of technology

They succeeded in that … but how much more useful they are than the phone in practice is already debatable.

Okay, I like the idea of 2 in 1, where we get a small and compatible phone for everyday in the life that can fit in our pocket, but when we want to watch a movie or any larger shot on a slightly larger screen, we can do it, and at a veryhigh quality which is to be expected for today. Foldable will definitely be used in the future, but it takes time for the technology to advance a bit to make the whole experience even better.

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